The Secret of Humanity


Human potential has to be a good natural manager. Unkindness and ugliness manifest in human life. Because it is the people themselves who choose not to be good or bad.

The choice is based on many factors, but the main factor is knowledge or science. As deep, as far as, or as close as what knowledge is held. That knowledge will guide every human being to his life choices, choices of death, etc.

Side Births Human beings have a born side that tends to be weak. But if humans are able to explore then turn on the potential that is on him. Then the birth side that tends to be weak will turn into a born side of humans. Who can even reach a super level.

The super level in question is where humans are able to overcome or minimize or manage any weaknesses. So that these weaknesses are no longer a deficiency that makes his life weak. But instead makes his life become stronger and stronger.

The side of the Human

Self has a spirit that tends to burn. However, if humans are able to explore and then revive the potential that exists in them, then the inner side that tends to burn will turn into a cool, calming, comforting side of the heart. Words, cool souls, cool body, cool spirit, cool oral, cool writing, and cool feeling. So that all oral, written, and feelings bring to the peace of mind, soul, taste, and nuance.Then it is able to put humans themselves and even the surrounding human beings and even nature in a comfortable and comforting atmosphere.

Best Man

Every potential that exists in humans if it is able to be excavated, turned on, then managed well. Is manifested in goodness, then what is fulfilled His name is human in the form of best human or good human. So that whatever exists and occurs above, below, outside, inside, on the right. And on the left side of the world will not be able to drop it to the lowest place of civilization.

So if everything above has been fulfilled, willingly, embody the particle arrangement of knowledge that forms a variable physical form and spiritual form which then becomes visible and means in the essence of the existence of Perfect human with established humanity

Peace for all.Cheers…

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